Holy Family Church

This 14,410 SF new worship space was built at the Northwest corner of the Holy Family Parish Campus at the intersection of Western Avenue and Mayflower Road. The building includes seating for 700 parishioners in the nave, an accessible altar sanctuary, tabernacle chapel, reconciliation rooms, narthex, a small multi-purpose room, sacristy, music room, restrooms, storage, and other support spaces.

The building is primarily a one-story slab on grade with partial basement for mechanical equipment at the rear of the structure. The exterior walls of the church are designed as load bearing 2 by 6 wood stud with brick masonry veneer. Interior non-load bearing walls are wood studs with a combination of brick and painted drywall finish. The roof structure is an exposed Glue-laminated beam system with and tongue and groove wood deck. The exterior finishes proposed are consistent with the context of the existing buildings on the parish campus, red brick and limestone trim.