Potowatomi Conservatory

The Potawatomi Conservatories (also called the South Bend Conservatories) is a set of three indoor conservatories and botanical gardens in South Bend, Indiana.  The original conservatory, the Potawatomi Greenhouse, was built by Lord & Burnham in the 1920s and was originally built as eight growing houses to raise plants for South Bend city parks and conservatories and floral shows in the region. The Ella Morris Conservatory and Muessel-Ellison Botanical Conservatory were built in the 1960s.

Kil Architecture participated in an upgrade to the Potawatomi Conservatories that included development of a new main east entrance along with a new parking lot. With the relocation of the primary entry, there is convenient access to the North part of the park and the Potawatomi Zoo. Also included are HVAC systems upgrades and envelope improvements for energy conservation and more effective ventilation in the summer. Additional site design includes a rain garden and new landscaping. The new addition houses accessible restrooms, mechanical, and a potting room.