The Hattle Apartments

Near the center of downtown Goshen, the Hattle Hotel had provided travelers and workers a place to stay for over 100 years. With the help of Historic Preservation Tax Credit dollars, the client, LaCasa of Goshen, wanted to renovate the building into twelve fully appointed apartment units for low-income residents. All of the renovation work is fully compliant with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation.

On the first floor, the front desk area has been converted into a mail center and the middle lobby and flanking public spaces have been restored and repaired. All interior stairways have been restored to their original, more open conditions, while at the same time fire and life safety has been enhanced through the addition of a new enclosed fire stair and state of the art alarm system. The upper floors take advantage of restored and reopened skylights located over most stairs, as well as a large lightwell which provides additional natural light to two interior units.