Our Mission at Kil Architecture Planning

In searching for an architect it can appear there are more similarities than differences. At Kil we believe we are truly a step above the normal and invite you to speak with us more about the reasons why.

How we're unique.

Preservation and New Construction


Our firm has been fortunate to design and manage projects of many different styles from historic buildings to the most contemporary designs in the area.  Our ability to combine the old with the modern in a brand new design is what Eclecticism is all about. We think the combination of historic styles can result in a truly unique architectural result. See our Portfolio

Experience in Diverse Building Types


At Kil you might see the term “diversity” used in different ways. Our diverse range of projects include historic renovations and additions to modern city offices, retail and dwellings. We’ve also completed outstanding single family homes, ecclesiastical projects and so much more. See our Portfolio


Diverse Skillset

The second direction our diversity takes is that of our staff who represents a wide range of architectural and management talent. More about Kil


Professional Collaboration


This invaluable skill is something our ongoing clients identify as one of the reasons they come back to us again and again for new projects. Our team’s ability to steadily manage projects, even when faced with un-planned obstacles, is an attribute that cannot be overstated. It’s easy to work together when all is going well but when challenges come up, it is our collaborative skills that bring client and architect together for a mutually satisfying solution. More about Kil



The Kil Team believes in design that follows the socio-ecological process characterized by the pursuit of a common ideal. Our appreciation for historic structures, born out of a number of renovation projects, has driven an overall philosophy to use environmentally sustainable materials and processes whenever possible. Our ecologically-minded clients support this in the design and production process. More about Kil


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